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Tea, faith and teacherhood pretty much sum me up.

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Casual weekend trip with the family, uncle and aunt, cousin and her son.I ended up going for a lone walk along the lakeshore.

Did not realize that there were awful marks all over my lens. But hey I got some good shots. Experimented with some stuff.

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Remember that when you’re taking a rest, someone else is always working.



Jimmy reads some #AwkwardBreakup tweets. 

I thought I had a favorite but they just kept getting better

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O you who are patient! Bear a little more, just a little more remains.

Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy

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When the Prophet (peace be upon him and his noble family) talked about her (Khadija ra) after she passed away, he (pbuh) would get very emotional. He (pbuh) said: “ruziqtu hubaha”. I was given the rizq [gift or blessing] of her love.

This is a public display of affection, but the prophetic style!


Lord forgive me because I’m the biggest sinner I know

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